Hoofprints Pets

Hoofprints Pets

The Hoofprints organization takes in animals in dire situations. Some are ill, some are displaced, some are those born unexpectedly to families that need to rehome the puppies while they’re still young enough to acclimate to a new family.

At this writing, we don’t have any litters available for placement — but do feel free to register to obtain a pet via Hoofprints by contacting us [email: staff@hoofprints.org] or phone to register for a companion animal, advising us of your preferences. It’s important to consider whether you want a male or female, the size and weight of your desired pet, the disposition and any breed specifications should be considered beforehand — and a home visit to prequalify for priority when we do have pets available for adoption.

Online, you will discover there are many, many ‘rescue’ organizations that advertise specific pets available for rehoming options. When you reach out to these organizations, you can discover some of the following ‘red flags’:

1. They don’t provide telephone numbers so you cannot call them with specific questions;

2. They charge outrageous prices for animals they proclaim are ‘rescues’;

3. The animals they claim to rescue are often not rescued at all [this occurs with horses and donkeys as well] — and these animals are back at the kill pen after monies are raised, unbeknownst to the donors;

4. They have no assets for the care, feeding and veterinary fees necessary for rescue;

5. They have you donate to them instead of a veterinarian for injured/ill animals

6. They’ll adopt to anyone, virtually no questions asked.

This is far from an exhaustive list but you can get the idea. All rescues are not ‘created equal’. Don’t shop: ADOPT– and be careful whom you fund with your donation dollars. Make sure your money goes to accomplish what you intended.