We have joined forces with others forging a new program known as ‘Bats in the Park’ designed to facilitate the rescue of a wide variety of species: Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Canines, Cats, birds of every stripe and kind: virtually all species to assist them in recovery from a wide array of circumstances and help in finding forever homes.

It centers on replicar builders throughout the US, people that have been collecting and customizing cars for decades.

Most of the ‘old car guys’ that assist in these events are Christian, caring, family-oriented people that have been honing their knowledge base for years and are almost to the point where they are ‘walking encyclopedias’ when it comes to understanding.

It is these and others that have a heart for shelter animals and the impossible odds they face in shelters throughout the country.

Only with the dedication of volunteers driven by their love of animals can this nightmare ever end.