REP JOHN WINTER [R] has decided all the wild horses should die. [Yes, you read that right.]

REP JOHN WINTER [R] has decided all the wild horses should die. [Yes, you read that right.]

John Winter [R-Thermopolis] has proposed legislation to openly disavow the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Donkey Act of 1971 and ship American horses straight to slaughter.

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His claim? That he recently went [horseback] riding with several ranchers and saw enough in that one outing to justify the wholesale slaughter [in the literal sense of the word] of America’s [few] remaining wild horses.

Ironically, this has already been happening across the board since Obama’s tenure [click the link below to read WILD HORSE CHAOS, THANKS TO OBAMA] — with the help of the Department of the Interior’s Ken Salazar and his successor Sally Jewell, along with the BLM [Bureau of Land Management which is supposedly an American entity despite the fact that that is very unlikely to be true according to some very well researched reports on this topic].

The BLM stands accused of intentionally ‘managing’ America’s wild horse and donkey populations into extinction.


Actually, it sounds like JOHN WINTER got bought off by the special interests known as ranchers.

The truth is that America’s wild horses and donkeys have been ruthlessly hunted and killed by the most unscrupulous individuals masquerading as ‘businessmen’ the world can offer.

Ripped from their families via the most horrific methods and rounded up to be sent to slaughter, their ‘ends’ are the most barbaric and cruel imaginable. This, despite the promises of a myriad of self-styled ‘educators’ on the subject, the mass decimation of America’s remaining wild horses and donkeys has continued, unabated, since Obama declared a virtual ‘open season’ on them during the earliest days of his administration.

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And now this. John Winter has arbitrarily declared himself ‘the decider’ that will destroy the last of them with a sweeping declaration that will render the Wild Horse and Donkey Preservation Act over — once and for all.

This problem will only by rectified when Americans stand up for these amazing animals and protect them from absolute destruction/extinction. The numbers speak for themselves. There are only a few thousand remaining in spite of what they want citizens to believe. Insiders to roundups have spoken of seeing them intentionally tortured and killed. Watchers have described seeing them MOVED following round ups so the contractors can be paid to round them up again and skew the numbers until no accurate statistical information can be gathered. Backup [helicopter] workers describe witnessing such horrific tactics that they all quit within a half day of just seeing the destruction.

Virtually each and every ‘politician’ that could have made a difference either chose not to or opened venues that would only further decimate their numbers.

For what possible reason would politicians choose to destroy these animals? The BLM facilities are already overflowing and the governmental reports indicate they’re spending $53 BILLION a year on tending them.

The USDA reports that over 92% of the horses sent to slaughter are young, healthy and could easily live out their lives.

Note: Consider this math. The BLM reports indicate that there are currently 60,000 horses and donkeys in BLM holding pens at a cost of $78,000,000 per year. That breaks down to $1,300.00 per horse per year. What we don’t see are the numbers that go to adoption via auctions by ‘handpicked’ auctioneers who run auctions that don’t seem to play by any of the rules by which non-governmental auctions must adhere.

And this is just one of the many divergent paths taken by the BLM in the course of their ‘duties’.

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Yet, they continue rounding them up. And now, they’re demanding the floodgates be opened to prevent any protections at all.

Once these animals are gone, it would take decades we don’t have to repopulate those herds. In the last few years, 5,000 donkeys were rounded up from Death Valley. The organization that took them appears to be unreachable — we checked in the hopes that these animals could at least be seen so that their true fate might actually be known.

‘Complete Scam On The U.S. Taxpayer’: Feds Criticized Over Wild Horse Removals In Favor Of Livestock – CBS Colorado (

$78M In Tax Dollars Spent Caring For Wild Horses In Captivity; Off-Range Pasture Owner Says His Ranch Is ‘All-Inclusive Resort’ For Horses – CBS Colorado (
Note: This report cites $112.273 Million spent

If the reader would like to attempt such a feat, they reportedly went to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, an organization that was paid handsomely for rounding them up and which — according to their website — continues to round up thousands more from government lands.

BLM plan squanders taxpayer dollars to sterilize wild horses | Washington Examiner

To take 5,000 donkeys from a place as remote and unhospitable as Death Valley would have a large and destructive affect on the habitat that has existed there for decades if not centuries.

To those familiar with donkeys and their lifestyle, one would be wise to question where 5,000 donkeys might be taken. That’s an unbelievable number of animals, even for Texas. Texas services a slaughter pipeline facility known as ‘Eagle Pass’. The horrific ends they meet are a slaughterhouse in Mexico that kills tens of thousands of animals per month and, as one might imagine, it’s a terror-filled trip from its start to its barbaric finish.

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Help them. Enlighten the world to their plight while there is still time. Do whatever you can to assist.

If Winter and those like him have their way, the wild and free horses and donkeys of America will simply be disappeared’ from America’s landscape forever — a place where they’ve existed for decades with no assistance from humanity whatsoever.

The pervasive ‘culture of death’ that has led to the destruction of animals across the board must be stopped — and the systems that empowered them restructured to preserve life and the quality of life that’s been decimated for decades by the most ruthless among us.

We didn’t create these animals — and they’re not ours to destroy.

BLM boss: Solving wild horse problem will take $5 billion, 15 years – The Colorado Sun