Can we guess, how much she is happy?

Can we guess, how much she is happy?

Can you tell when an animal is unhappy? Do you know the telltale signs of animal abuse?

How about illness? UTI? Underlying Infection? People sometimes put animals to sleep simply because they don’t understand how to address symptoms that seem to be unresponsive without realizing what they should try first, and why.

Note: We cannot stress enough that this is never, ever the correct response.

Young people, in particular, often need assistance and, too many times, we find posts where someone asks for help and before we can even reach pet was euthanized.

WHEN THIS BECOME A THING? What competent vet tells them so euthanize a pet because they can’t ford the extensive testing necessary for an accurate diagnosis?

Veterinary care is NOT the only care available. There are holistic practitioners, homeopathic assistance and even competent ‘guesses’ that can lead to a full recovery — please don’t write off a pet because their health issue appears to be perplexing.

We are always available to help get the assistance you need when you need it. We’re also known for assistance with veterinary fees when there are simply no alternatives to standardized DVM care — i.e. surgical intervention.

Give your pet its best shot at life and, if you’re in a corner — call. 877.819.7776. Even the call is free.

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