You’re Going to Love Hoofprints — here’s why

You’re Going to Love Hoofprints — here’s why

Many people want to have horses, rescue horses, love horses, dance with horses, photograph horses and even just appreciate horses — after all, they’re some of the most spectacular beings with which we share this planet!

You don’t have to ride to love being with horses: there are a myriad of wonderful ways to enjoy horses that don’t require riding.

HOOFPRINTS can assist you no matter what aspect of horses you love and no matter if you have horses or not. We would love to see you share our journey and there are literally hundreds of different ways you can assist horses or incorporate them into your life.

Using HOOFPRINTS can help you discover ways to get involved while ensuring that whether you are rescuing or setting up sanctuaries or just dreaming of having them in the future, we can help.

Somehow, the love of horses is a spiritual experience for many people and they can’t even explain their love for the species — but whatever your interest, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance, guidance or anything you might need. We look forward to working with you!