Meet the Shepweiler Puppies!

Meet the Shepweiler Puppies!

Hoofprints is staunchly against breeding animals.It is a rescue entity, though and, as such, we do assist in finding homes for animals — and this litter of four SHEPWEILER pups is an absolutely adorable bunch!

This interesting mixture of breeds [German Shepherd and Rottweiler] is one of the new ‘designer breeds’ people are breeding intentionally. We found this description to very accurately describe these pups — and we can understand why they’re in demand. [Excerpted from CANINEOFMINE website]

  • Size and Shape: You can count on your Shepweiler being a big best buddy, who will likely weigh between 75 and 115 pounds. They’re typically 22 to 28 inches tall though mixed breed pups can easily fall outside of this range. Shepweilers typically have a German shepherd-like frame, with the muscular build of their Rottweiler parent. 
  • Temperament: German shepherds and Rottweilers share a lot of similarities that come out in the Shepweiler. Most notably, these pups have an infectious zest for life and unconditional love for their family members. Shepweilers are known to cuddle with their family and friends and can be protective if they feel threatened around others. These dogs may be initially wary of strangers, so it’s important that they’re well socialized as puppies. However, to those they know, Shepweilers are total loving goofballs that are always happy to play a game of fetch or tug. 
  • Coat and colors: Shepweilers tend to have a black coat with tan markings or an all black coat, though this is rarer. The placement of the tan markings may be more reminiscent of the German shepherd or Rottweiler parent depending on the individual dog. These pups will likely have a short to medium length coat, and are unfortunately prone to shedding, so they’re probably not the best pick for those with dog allergies. Shepweilers also have large ears that should be cleaned regularly.
  • Intelligence: The Shepweiler is a super intelligent pooch with a great work ethic. You shouldn’t have any trouble training these eager to please sweethearts so long as you have a treat or two available. Since the Shepweiler descends from two working breeds, they’ll need to be kept mentally engaged to keep their tails wagging. Make sure your Shepweiler gets plenty of training sessions and time to explore the world around him. Having some quality puzzle toys around to keep him busy won’t hurt, either! 
  • Training Considerations: Since Shepweilers are hard workers and super smart, you shouldn’t have trouble training these furry friends. That being said, these sweet dogs can be somewhat sensitive so you’ll want to be as patient as possible and only use positive reinforcement training methods. It’s also important to note that these big best buddies have plenty of energy that needs to be focused into constructive outlets. You need to make sure your mutt learns his manners as a puppy so your Shepweiler’s size doesn’t become a safety concern. Shepweilers can also be somewhat protective of their families around others, so pay special attention to the socialization process. 
  • Energy Level: These enthusiastic best buddies have plenty of energy to spare, so you’ll need to make sure they get lots of exercise throughout the day. Shepweilers can make amazing running or hiking buddies so long as they’ve mastered their mutt manners and aren’t suffering from joint issues (check with your vet first to be safe). 
  • Health: Shepweilers usually live between 9 and 13 years. We always recommend GENTLEGIANTS dry dog food, the easiest way to feed whilst keeping an eye towards longevity. Formulated by Burt Ward and his friends, Gentle Giants provides excellent quality for a fraction of the price of the ‘specialized’ foods we typically recommend. The rescue work of the Burt and Tracy Ward is exemplary.

This might be your opportunity to obtain one of these ‘designer dogs’ without participating in breeding endeavors. “DON’T SHOP — ADOPT!” Is one of today’s mantras that we find appropriate for those looking for pups. These guys are 8 weeks old and they’ve experiences nothing but love from our staff, setting them up for a lifetime of being loyal and lively companion animals.

When you adopt from Hoofprints, we assist with every aspect of animal care going forward — even assisting with veterinary fees if they’re particularly burdensome, helping you with treatments and assistive therapies where [and when] needed and providing a home for any HOOFPRINTS animal that can no longer be with you for whatever reason. [Would that breeders would offer the same courtesy to their clients and the animals they’ve bred for profit!]