Let’s Talk About Breed Rescues

Let’s Talk About Breed Rescues

There are breed rescues of every type and kind — and we have a database we’re getting ready to publish so people can not only find what they are looking for when they’re looking for it, but they can SAVE A LIFE in the process!

Please contact us for assistance and, if you can, volunteer your time to saving animals with us or one of thousands of other rescue facilities that could use your expertise!

Consider sending your skill set list to us along with your geographical preference and see what kinds of matches we have on hand for you!

Remember: Loving Hearts make the BEST VOLUNTEERS!

Email Hoofprints at staff@hoofprints.org and put SKILLSET somewhere in the subject line. Whether you’re 9 or 90, there’s a place for you in rescue! We look forward to hearing from you!