Finding Abused/Orphaned Animals: What To Do?

Finding Abused/Orphaned Animals: What To Do?

We answer calls 24/7 and assist people in getting the help them need in time to pull off a real rescue.

We encourage looking further when you see something odd, and contact us if you have questions about how to proceed. [We once found a loon behind the hangars at a small, community airport.] There are answers — don’t be hesitant to call.

We can and do pay for veterinary care if the animal is wounded — and we have a wide array of useful tools for helping them heal!

Texas Woman Saves Malnourished Dachshund After Finding the Dog in a Filthy Abandoned Backpack (

Our Rescue Directory will be published soon! Check in for details or order in advance by calling our help line at 877.819.7776.