About Frequency Therapy

About Frequency Therapy

If you have had horses for any significant amount of time, you probably know all about the various illnesses and injury common with horses — if not from your own experiences then those of others.

It seems to ‘go with the territory’ of horsemanship and the more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to handle it when it happens to you!

This new, easy to use frequency therapy is now available [for home use] that is well within the financial reach of most horse owners. The device itself uses quartz to deliver a terahertz frequency to tissue with a warming blower and the same device is used to create frequency charged water that, together with the blower, is described by proponents as using the body’s own stem cells to promote a special ‘recovery process ‘ to bring relief many claim is virtually ‘instantaneous’.


Known as ‘wanding’, the commercial version of the device is becoming popular with clinic owners for its simple and non invasive approach to produce a comforting blend of warmth and pain relief.


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About The PRO: One of the most amazing tools available!

Horses and Terrahertz